SharePoint Wiki: a great way to create and update manuals

10 oktober 2016

When it is necessary to create or update a manual such as an instruction, guideline or tutorial, SharePoint Wiki is a noteworthy consideration. A Wiki can be integrated in a SharePoint Intranet or Teamsite.

SharePoint Wiki include but is not limited to the following advantages:

  • Permission levels can be set per Wiki library, thereby controlling who can edit and who can read;
  • Editors can add, update or delete information instantly and thereby avoiding to download, edit and upload Word- or PDF documents;
  • The search engine enables the user to search for subjects and part of texts;
  • Can be designed to be appealing for users by uploading media such as images;
  • Version history is automatically enabled, making it possible to see changes over time and to see the editor who created the changes (also to recover earlier changes);
  • Easy to link Wiki pages to other pages and thereby also creating one place to manage information;
  • Check-in, Check-out functionality;
  • Can be used on tablets and mobile phones;
  • Creating Wiki templates to create consistent information is possible.

As indicated, a SharePoint Wiki can be utilized for numerous purposes. One example is the creation of a HR handbook:

Example HR handbook

Company X is a large multinational. HR guidelines are placed in a 100+ pages HR handbook. Employees find it difficult to find the right information on the right page. Cross references are placed on so many pages that employees keep going back and forth through these pages. The HR department is constantly being called for information request that is also in the handbook but difficult to find. Also, each time when updates/revisions are necessary, the HR department needs to upload a whole new version of the handbook and keep an elaborate administration of versions and changes. This consumes both time and resources.

HR decides to put the handbook in a Wiki so that information is easily findable through the search function and via clickable links. Cross references are being made by a page link, making scrolling through pages and even chapters obsolete. When HR needs to update a page, they update the page directly and version history is automatically stored.

Steps to create a Wiki

1. To create a Wiki, add an app via site settings.


2. Search for ‘Wiki’, click on ‘Wiki page library’ and name the Wiki.


3. Open the Wiki Page Library if the Wiki library is not already opened.

4. Click 'Edit Page' and create a new page. To create a new page, type the name of the page surrounded by double square brackets [[Page Name]]. For example, to add a Wiki page named ‘Wikiblog’ type [[Wikiblog]].


Edit Page


Create a new page by using brackets


Click ‘Create’ to confirm.

*Please note that the title of the first page in the Wiki Page Library is ‘Home’. In many cases it is more fitting to create a new homepage with another name such as ‘HR handbook’ or in this case ‘Wikiblog’.

5. When the page is created, the lay-out can be changed, media and webparts can be inserted and links to other Wiki pages can be made. See the headers 'Format text' and 'Insert' for these functionalities.


6. Click 'Check in' (next to edit, see step 4) to view and use the Wiki.


When the Wiki is finished it can be linked to the desired location.

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