Convert multiple documents to PDF with Microsoft Flow

18 december 2018

 Some years ago, saving a document as PDF wasn't that convenient. Nowadays Microsoft Office is perfectly capable of saving documents as PDF. But what if you need to convert 40 documents to PDF? Or when you don't have Office at hand?

Use Flow and OneDrive for Business to do the converting for you :)

1: Create a directory in your OneDrive for Business, in the example I've named it 'Convert to PDF'. (I'm a creative master mind!)

2: Login to Microsoft Flow with the account you also use for OneDrive for Business and create a new Flow from scratch

3: Search for the 'OneDrive for Business' connector and use the 'When a file is created' trigger. This will trigger the Flow when a new file is created.

4: Next, pick the folder which should be monitored for new files

5: Insert a new step, search for 'Convert file' and select the OneDrive for Business action

6: In the 'File' input select 'File identifier', target type is PDF

Now the file is converted but not saved yet. That will be the next step.

7: Insert a new step and search for 'Create file'. Insert the action for 'OneDrive for Business'

8: From the previous two actions you have multiple variables to use. We are going to use the variables from the 'Convert file' action.

So the PDFs will be converted and saved using the same name as the source-file in the same directory. It's also possible to save them in a sub directory of course.

Save the flow, copy and paste the batch of source-files in your OneDrive for Business folder and watch them come in as PDFs!

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