OneDrive Sync client and Company Name

11 januari 2019

At Mavention part of Portiva we have been using the modern OneDrive sync client forever. It works perfectly and Files on Demand are awesome! However recently we encountered some new behaviour. When syncing document libraries the results looked different.

So what changed?

Previously whenever we synced a library the data was stored on the following path:


So syncing the imagine syncing the Content Type Hub. A new folder end up at the following path.

C:\OneDrive\Mavention\Content Type Hub - Mavention Templates

When using the File Explorer these folders are all aggregated. So opening the File Explorer you would see Mavention B.V as a header. We never paid much attention to this header but it is missing a dot (.).

As of the first week of January 2019 this behaviour is changed. Whenever we now sync a new library it is saved to a different path:

C:\OneDrive\Mavention B.V

So syncing the imagine syncing the Sales Library. A new folder end up at the following path.

C:\OneDrive\Mavention B.V\Sales - Documents

The reason people noticed this change is the change in header. We now have an extra header in the Explorer. This extra header is not showing Mavention B.V but shows Mavention B as a header.

Mavention OneDrive new scenario

File explorer and dots

So what changed? Recently Microsoft pushed changes to the OneDrive Sync client. Due to these changes the OneDrive Sync client is now using the company name. The company name can be set in the Organizational Profile available in the Admin Center. Our company name has been Mavention B.V.

Due to these changes Microsoft Support provided us with guidance to no longer use dots in the name. As your File Explorer will strip out any dot at the end of a folder. You can find more on naming conventions on docs.microsoft.com.

So we ended up changing the company name in the organizational profile in the admin portal. By removing the dots we managed to future problems.
The only downside was that we had to instruct all our users to remove all active synced libraries and unlink their PC. Only by removing them and re-syncing them we could get them all under a single header again.

Originally posted at: https://www.cloudappie.nl/onedrive-sync-client-and-company-name/

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Albert-Jan Schot

Albert-Jan Schot