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Blog PowerShell Azure Runbook Automation Scheduling

Azure Automation - Part 3: Dynamic scheduling

Azure Automation is one of my favorite go-to severless compute services when it comes to automating workloads. Because you can use PowerShell and impo...

Blog Azure Logic Apps Runbook Webhook

Azure Automation - Part 2: Triggering runbooks

In the second part of this Azure Automation series, we'll discuss triggering runbooks. Besides hitting the play button to manually trigger one, we're ...

Blog Azure Runbook Devops

Azure Devops Read permissions for everyone

Storing your code in a git repository is kind of a no brainer. We internally use a lot of Azure Devops for that, and you can imagine that we have spun...

Blog Azure Runbook SharePoint Automation

Azure Automation - Part 1: Create a SharePoint site

Creating a new Site in SharePoint is one of those tasks an administrator would want to automate. This task is highly repetitive and can be sensitive t...

SharePoint Online Module PowerShell Azure Client SDK CSV dll FTP Import SDK Runbook SharePoint SPO

Azure Runbook: Export-CSV directly to FTP

Our client just migrated to O365 from SharePoint 2010 where they had a scheduled console application feeding data to an external application, from Sha...