Wij delen graag onze kennis. Met blogs, downloads en webinars houden we je continu op de hoogte van de allernieuwste ontwikkelingen. Mis nooit meer een blog, whitepaper of webinar en meld je aan voor de Portiva Update.

Blog Microsoft Flow Power Automate Power Platform

How to bypass the expiration limit in Power Automate

We've all experienced it or heard about it: Microsoft will turn off your flow if it hasn't run in the past 60 or 90 days. Most of your flows will poss...

Blog Power Automate Power Platform Foutafhandeling

Advanced error handling in Power Automate

Last time, I wrote about error handling in Power Automate and told you about the possibility of advanced error handling that I would be sharing later ...

Blog Microsoft Flow Power Automate Power Platform Microsoft 365

Error handling in Power Automate

We all want to build fault-proof flows and we try our best to do so. But errors are prone to happen eventually and when they do, we need to make sure ...

Blog PowerApps Security Power Automate Power Platform

New Data Loss Prevention capabilities for the Power Platform

Microsoft recently announced their new Power Platform DLP (Data Loss Prevention) capabilities. This blogpost will guide you through these new capabili...