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Productivity Development javascript SharePoint 2013

Useful SharePoint 2013 Scripts in default list forms

What Summary: this post will show some scenario's and scripts on how to prefill, verify and update data in a default form of a default SharePoint Item...

Development javascript Search SharePoint SharePoint 2013 User Profile Service

Dynamic content with SharePoint Search and JavaScript

Sometimes, it can be difficult to provide users with content/information in a single overview. Especially with default SharePoint ‘click-and-go’ funct...

Development javascript SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2016 typescript

TypeScript in SharePoint Add-In not generating .js file

I wanted to use TypeScript in an existing SharePoint Add-In build with Visual Studio 2013. So the first thing I did was add the TypeScript Add-In for ...

Office 365 Angular app cloud csom Development hostweb javascript jsom REST routeprovider SharePoint SharePoint 2013 sharepoint hosted app single page application SPA

SharePoint hosted app single page application with Angular - Part 1

I've  created a Single page application sharepoint hosted app using Angular and I want to share this experience. This post will consist of 3 parts. In...

Development javascript JSLink SharePoint 2013

Use JSLink to show Managed Metadata Path in a different way

With SharePoint 2013 you can use JSLink to render your data in a different way. In this blogpost I will focus on the rendering of the Managed Meta Dat...

app Development javascript REST SharePoint 2013

Calling external REST service from a SharePoint hosted App using the Web proxy

In this blog post we will explain one of the ways to call an external REST service from the JS code of a SharePoint App. In order to prevent cross-sit...