Wij delen graag onze kennis. Met blogs, downloads en webinars houden we je continu op de hoogte van de allernieuwste ontwikkelingen. Mis nooit meer een blog, whitepaper of webinar en meld je aan voor de Portiva Update.

SharePoint Online Azure C# cloud

Azure Function using Azure Key Vault

Azure Functions is a serverless solution for running small pieces of code ("functions") in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The code can be written in the A...

PowerShell C# SharePoint SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013

Creating your own Powershell CmdLet for SharePoint

What are we trying to accomplish? I was asked to list all Areas and Category within the Diagnostic Logging at a customer request. Because I was using ...

Azure C# Development Logic Apps SQL

Store Twitter mentions on blog posts in Azure database using Azure Logic App and Azure API App

As blogger it fancies me when people react on the post with comments. But the first thing you do with your post is placing it on a social platform lik...

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