SPSBE Slides: Deploying in a Cloud First World

5 november 2018

Deploying in a Cloud First World; continuous integration and continuous deployment. Topics you see arising more and more when developing for Office 365. So with the development model maturing and Office 365 introducing new options for us as developers Octavie and I decided to do a session on how we do our deployments at Mavention. One of the advantages of living in Europe is the amount of SharePoint Saturdays we have near, so we tried our luck at the SharePoint Saturday Belgium and got selected to do a presentation!

Deploying in a Cloud First World

We are thrilled to have done a nice session based on the following abstract:

So you’ve built something awesome for Office 365 and now you want to have it deployed? Is the IT department giving you a hard time? In this session we show you a lot of Developer and IT Pro better-together demo’s how to get your solution in the right place the right way. So while Office 365 and Azure provide you with large scale options, we show how to keep control of your DTAP scenarios in the cloud. You get real world insights in how you can set up your multiple environments and manage your deployments, making sure you stay in control!

Slides and code

To get an overview of all presentations just head to Slideshare and of course our slides are available as well:

As promised during our session we also made our code samples available. A whole lot of these samples can be found on blogs by Octavie (or mine for that matter). All samples used are pushed to GitHub. You can get all the code for our demo’s in the script folder:

  • DEMO SPA ARM - Simple SPA sample based on ARM template deployment with Environment variable
  • DEMO SPA GEO ARM - Simple Geo redundant SPA sample based on ARM template deployment with Environment variable
  • DEMO SPFx Deployment - Simple SPFx package deployment and site provisioning with PNP PowerShell.

The SPFx sample with custom gulp tasks is based on Elio Struyfs gulp task to change environment settings in SharePoint Framework projects and can be used to showcase how to deploy to different environments.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to se more.

Originally posted at: https://www.cloudappie.nl/spsbe-slides-deploying-in-a-cloud-first-world/

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