Introduction to Azure's Cognitive Services

19 maart 2019

Almost a year ago I graduated on a topic that involved Artificial Intelligence. To be more specific I created a chatbot that was able to interact with one of our products and used Microsoft's Language Understanding Intelligent Service implemented in the Microsoft Bot Framework along with other AI-API's provided by Azure. I noticed Azure Cognitive Services were a perfect playground to get started if you're not experienced with AI. And obviously; if you are an AI expert these services will allow you to build some amazing AI-powered projects.

After last year's personal AI peak I did one other project that involved an expert system. But now that I'm reading Max Tegmark's "Life 3.0" I'm really getting exciting to use even more cognitive services.

That's why I have decided to start a journey across the universe of Azure's Cognitive Services and take you along with it. I will be describing the process and include practical information on how you can use the instructions/examples for your own processes.

Azure's Cognitive Services

These resource groups within Azure keep on expanding. One of the resources I'm getting really excited about is the Custom Vision that is now in preview. However, there are so many resources. So I have made a shortened list of services I will be going to blog about. Azure categorizes all Cognitive Service resources in the following 5 groups.

The journey to Tosti Robotics

We at Mavention really like "tosti's" which is a Dutch word for… Grilled cheese sandwich. That's why I have decided to use this as a theme throughout the upcoming blogs about the selected Cognitive Services. My fictional company "Tosti Intelligence & Co" will be a web app that is going to include the services. The idea is that this web app will grow over time and at the end contain most of the Cognitive Services for demo purposes.

My goal is to implement the following services which will allow "Tosti Intelligence & Co" give you the tosti information you need :-).

  • Language Understanding
  • QnA Maker
  • Text Analytics
  • Bing Entity Search
  • Bing Spell Check
  • Computer Vision
  • Speech

Are you ready for some AI adventure? Join my journey, I will publish the first chapter of this series soon.

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