Adding links to teams in your SharePoint site

6 mei 2019

Creating new teams based on templates has never been easier.
You can easily use existing teams as a template. One of the things I encounter
often is that it makes sense to add some additional information to the
SharePoint site. Luckily you can also use Site Designs and Site Scripts to
enrich the provisioned SharePoint site. However, if you navigate to SharePoint
you lose the Teams context.

Currently, the navigation in SharePoint does not provide an
option to easily switch context. So whenever you are using search for content
or navigate to SharePoint itself there is no easy way to navigate back to

Site Designs and Site Scripts

If you are provisioning Teams you might already be using Site Designs and Site scripts. So you might have noticed you can use provisioning options like PnP Provisioning or Mavention Make. This helps you to enrich your SharePoint sites. When using that approach you can also enrich your navigation option with custom links. You can use these custom links to make it easier to navigate back to Teams. When you check the navigation for a out of the box Office 365 group you would see that there is a link back to the conversion part. The link looks something like the following:


Adding links

You can use a similar link to navigate to other parts. For instance the calendar, notebook and files links look like this:


And now you can also use that same link to navigate to the
corresponding team:


If you are using PnP Provisioning you can use Provisioning Engine
Tokens for the URL:


Adding this navigation option will help your users to find
their way back to Teams with less hassle!

SharePoint Conference

If you want to learn more about provisioning options with Site Designs and Site Scripts make sure to checkout the SharePoint Conference!
I will be presenting on site templates and site lifecycle management in Modern SharePoint. By applying site designs to both sites, teams and groups you will help your users find their way around. You can register using my discount code: SCHOT or go to https://www.cloudappie.nl/go/SPC/ to save $50.

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Albert-Jan Schot

Albert-Jan Schot