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SharePoint Online Office 365 PowerApps SharePoint

Creating conditional lookup columns in SharePoint with PowerApps

I am a fan of using lookup columns in SharePoint, because I only have to define something once instead of filling in the same information multiple tim...

SharePoint Online Office 365 PowerShell Infrastructure SharePoint

SharePoint Online PowerShell module update!

Summary: This blog post describes why you do not need the SharePoint Online Management Shell anymore! If you worked with PowerShell for SharePoint Onl...

SharePoint Online Microsoft Flow Office 365 E-mail Flow JSON SharePoint

Custom Actionable Messages with Microsoft Flow – part 2 – Getting the response

In my previous post, I wrote about sending out a custom Actionable message. In this post, I will explain how you can get the response back (and do som...

SharePoint Online Microsoft Flow Office 365 E-mail Flow JSON SharePoint

Custom Actionable Messages with Microsoft Flow - part 1 - Sending out the message

With Microsoft Flow, there are two ways of sending out-of-the-box Actionable Messages: Start an approval Send email with options Things I ran into by ...

SharePoint Online Office 365 Flow REST SharePoint

Updating a multi-people field in SharePoint with Microsoft Flow

If you want to update an item/document metadata in SharePoint with Flow, the Update Item / Update File Properties action is your saviour. Or isn't it?...

SharePoint Online SharePoint SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2016

How to properly make use of Item-level Permissions in SharePoint

It's always a struggle whenever you're configuring something in SharePoint where a user puts in information that is privacy sensitive. Should you fix ...

SharePoint Online Office 365 Hybrid SharePoint SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2016 SharePoint 2019

SharePoint 2019 - De volgende stap voor je organisatie

Samenvatting: In Juli heeft Microsoft de preview van Microsoft SharePoint 2019 uitgebracht. Deze blog post laat zien wat dit voor jouw organisatie bet...

SharePoint Online Office Dev PnP Office 365 PowerShell SharePoint

Distribute a list to multiple sites or webs in SharePoint Online using Powershell DevPnP

You might get sometimes the question to distribute a list to multiple locations. In On-Premises SharePoint you could save the list as template and use...

Infrastructure SharePoint SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2016

Issues on SharePoint caused by .NET security updates after installing July 2018 Windows Server updates

This week we encountered issues with a customer environment running SharePoint 2013 on which the July 2018 server security updates were installed. The...

Groups Microsoft Teams Office 365 Cloud Journaal SharePoint

Cloud Journaal - aflevering 32

Aflevering 32 van het Cloud Journaal staat inmiddels online. In deze aflevering de volgende onderwerpen: