Wij delen graag onze kennis. Met blogs, downloads en webinars houden we je continu op de hoogte van de allernieuwste ontwikkelingen. Mis nooit meer een blog, whitepaper of webinar en meld je aan voor de Portiva Update.

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Use paging to browse through the SharePoint recycle bin

When you remove an item within SharePoint it is not directly gone, it’s safely stored in your recycle bin. Nowadays with the boundaries in SharePoint ...

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Top 10 Flow Best Practices That Will Improve Your Flow Game – Part 2: Limitations and how to work around them

Did I mention Flow is awesome? You already knew that if you read Part 1 of this Blog.


“Door echt goed te luisteren naar de klant kan ik verbindingen leggen.”

Kasia Razniak is accountmanager bij Mavention. Maar niet zomaar een accountmanager. Kasia is in haar rol ook verantwoordelijk voor product management ...

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Using the Site Title in Flow triggered by a Site Design

Site Designs are awesome. There is no doubt about that! Yet sometimes you need more options. Or you might have to apply settings that are not availabl...

Flow SharePoint Workflows Blogs Techblog

Use Flow for bulk edits (even on lists with more than 5000 items)

Ah yes. Bulk edits. The tedious job we hand off to interns.

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Migrate Legal Hold Information

Ever had to do a tenant to tenant migration? Me neither, up until a few months ago. A large merger resulted in two organizations that had to merge the...

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OneDrive Sync client and Company Name

At Mavention part of Portiva we have been using the modern OneDrive sync client forever. It works perfectly and Files on Demand are awesome! However r...

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Using AI to classify your SharePoint Data

Last year I finally had the opportunity to work on a real-life AI scenario. One of our customers was looking to auto-tag their data to improve findabi...

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Transitions vs. animations in (S)CSS

Style-facts part 7 We all have seen some smooth transitions on fancy webpages. It looks cool, most is done with JavaScript. Not everyone knows most sl...

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Confusing RSS connector in Flow

During the holidays I finally found some time to play around with flow again. Currently I have running a recipe in IFTT that posts a tweet whenever I ...