Wij delen graag onze kennis. Met blogs, downloads en webinars houden we je continu op de hoogte van de allernieuwste ontwikkelingen. Mis nooit meer een blog, whitepaper of webinar en meld je aan voor de Portiva Update.

Blog PowerShell Azure ARM template DSC Techblog

Using PowerShell DSC in ARM Templates

In one of my previous posts I introduced Azure Resource Manager templates, aka ARM templates. These templates are great for deploying and configuring ...

Blog Office 365 Azure Techblog

SPSBE Slides: Deploying in a Cloud First World

Deploying in a Cloud First World; continuous integration and continuous deployment. Topics you see arising more and more when developing for Office 36...

Blog Azure ARM template Techblog DTAP

Using ARM templates in a DTAP environment

More and more customers don’t settle with just an Office 365 / Azure tenant as their production environment. They often have one or more additional te...

Productivity Office 365 Azure cloud Connected Car Cortana

How Microsoft's Office 365 and Cortana will transform your car ride

Do you spend a few hours a day driving to work or meetings? Are you tired of wasting precious time while stuck in traffic? Well, imagine you could spe...

SharePoint Online Module PowerShell Azure Client SDK CSV dll FTP Import SDK Runbook SharePoint SPO

Azure Runbook: Export-CSV directly to FTP

Our client just migrated to O365 from SharePoint 2010 where they had a scheduled console application feeding data to an external application, from Sha...

Azure Bots cloud

Een chatbot bouwen met QnaMaker.ai en Azure Bot Service

Bots zijn cool ! Ze bestaan natuurlijk al een tijdje. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan de "hoe kan ik je helpen" chatschermen op websites als bol.com. Microsoft ...

SharePoint Online Azure C# cloud

Azure Function using Azure Key Vault

Azure Functions is a serverless solution for running small pieces of code ("functions") in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The code can be written in the A...

PowerShell Azure cloud

How I created my own Azure Administration script in PowerShell

In this post I will show you how I created a PowerShell script that makes use of the Microsoft Azure PowerShell module to manage resources on Azure.

SharePoint Online Azure Cloud Journaal Information Architecture SharePoint

Cloud Journaal - aflevering 13

Aflevering 13 van mijn Cloud Journaal staat live op YouTube. Deze aflevering slechts twee onderwerpen, maar wel twee onderwerpen waar veel over te ver...

Azure Development Logic Apps

Short eBook about “An introduction to Logic Apps”

Our colleague Alexander Meijers just released a short eBook about “An introduction to Logic Apps” for the European SharePoint Conference.